Well Services

Well Intervention Services

WISE has a team of experienced thru tubing technicians and a research and development group dedicated to delivering premier results and proprietary tool products. With risk mitigation, the highest priority and by leveraging past learning, our team of specialists utilize a process of continuous improvement to custom design a solution for your intervention challenge.

  1. Casing damage repair
  2. Well prep for refrac
  3. Remedial cementing
  4. Fishing & retrieval
  5. Sand jet perforating
  6. Selective stimulation
  7. By-center milling
  8. Coil conveyance of third party tools
    a. Logging & camera runs
    b. Plug & TCP runs

Production Optimization & Remediation Services

WISE is an industry leader in developing and executing well optimization and remediation strategies. Pioneering open hole liner remediation has demonstrated that candidate wellbores, new and old, can be returned to post frac production rates for a fraction of the cost.


Alternative remedial operations include:

  1. Velocity string installation
  2. Scale & paraffin removal
  3. Cleanouts & gas lifts
  4. Disposal and injection well enhancement
  5. Skin damage removal
  6. Heavy oil & thermal well stimulation


Well Completions

  1. WISE’ unique combination of coiled tubing and downhole tool services support the full suite of completion operations. Engineered well modeling, custom downhole BHA’s, superior ‘bench strength’ and fit for purpose equipment provide for unprecedented operational performance. Case in point, WISE’ proprietary SafeDrillout jointed pipe milling system typically saves operators $50,000 per completion. Operations regularly conducted by the firm include:
    1. Pre-frac confirmation runs and preps
    2. Toe port activation
    3. Coiled tubing cleanouts
    4. Frac port milling
    5. Bridge plug milling
    6. Annular frac support

Dealing with completion challenges? Make your next decision a WISE one!


  1. WISE is actively involved in all facets of the downhole abandonment protocol. Some of the services offered specific to abandonment operations are:
    1. Permanent bridge plugs
    2. Hydraulic pipe cutters
    3. Sand jet perforating
    4. Packer removal
    5. Remedial cementing
    6. Velocity string removal
    7. Pressure testing
    8. Board required chemical placement

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